Testimonial Quotes:

"Action driven... helps us get things done!"

"Rick's hands on, get to the point approach is refreshing."

"Rick took the time up front to get to know my people and learn my business."

"Rick is very flexible and easy to do business with."

"He brought the "been there, done that" experience we needed to grow."

"Our project list was endless with nothing ever getting completed. Rick helped me and my people stay on task and get things done."

"He quickly got a handle on our business and enabled us to start planning for the future."

"Before Rick came on board, all the knowledge was in people's heads... now it has been documented and organized so that we are not always reinventing the wheel."

"Rick's continuous improvement philosophy keeps us from resting on our laurels."

"He's like an extension of my own trusted management team."

"He's a patient teacher... he listens to everyone and he treats each person as a respected individual. He figured out the way to get the most out of my people."

"With our limited resources, Rick provides the most bang for our buck!"

"With Rick's help we changed our culture from "engineering and manufacturing" to "customer and employee."

"He takes a calm, patient approach and makes us stop and think... we now appreciate the difference between working "at" the business and working "on" the business."

"His coaching and suggestions changed my professional and personal life forever. He brought a lot of team spirit to the company."

"He's part coach, cheerleader, counselor, advisor, preacher, friend and confidant."

"His experience is what sets him apart from other consultants I've worked with. He shares a lot of "war stories" that make things real to us."

"He taught us how to win and beat the competition."

"He helped us understand who the real customer is."

"He made us believe in ourselves again."

"Work became like playing on a winning sports team."

"I now look forward to going into work every day rather than dreading it."

"Made me remember why I started this business in the first place."

"His positive outlook and enthusiasm is contagious. He clearly loves what he does and it's rubbed off on us!"

"He believed in us at a time when we weren't believing in ourselves."

More Client Comments:

"Rick accomplished more in six months than my last three sales managers accomplished in four years!"

"The knowledge and experience of a veteran without the financial burden of a qualified full time manager."

"Made me remember why I started this company!"

"Provided the spark that returned us to revenue growth."

"Helped to reignite the passion of my team."

"A gifted team builder."

"With Rick's help we now have the strongest sales team in our company's history."

"Easy to do business with... flexible, he works on our terms and schedule with no restrictive long term contracts and requirements. 

"Like having a trusted member of my senior staff, without the cost of a full time guy."

"Learned our business quickly... Was actually able to sell our products as well or better than me!"

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