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Sales Management, Business Development Initiatives

Insight Perspective Direction Outcome


Advancing Your Organization

Expert advisors bring meaningful dimension to organizations.

Helping learn the keys to organizeFunctioning as an outsourced executive, Rick Dean's sales management and business development skills spark organizational energy. He is a catalyst for growth with both individual staff members and businesses as a whole.

Approaching engagements with insight and fresh eyes, RW Dean & Associates streamlines operations, processes and procedures while capitalizing on the skills of each client's existing staff.

Under RW Dean's counsel, owners and CEOs are free to focus on the big picture. Constructive change occurs efficiently and cost-effectively.


Strategic Initiatives for Industry Leaders

Scope and depth of experience. It makes the difference. Whether you're a small-to-medium-sized business or a multi-national corporation, there is always a need for more capable, talented resources. The infusion of a third party fuels creativity and spurs momentum.

Scope and depth of experience... the critical difference.

Armed with an extensive reach of both corporate and small business experience, RW Dean & Associates becomes one with its clients. Projects are managed with a solid grasp of every client's unique history, industry and organizational vision.

From research-based tactics to the ultimate execution of the plan, the RW Dean team makes a clients' business its own.  


Aligning with Accomplished Advisors

Integrating R.W. Dean & Associates  within your business structure brings tremendous short-term impact and long-term value.

Providing direction for your businessWe begin our business development initiatives process with a Discovery Meeting: a comprehensive "unearthing". Where you've been bears considerable impact on where you want to go.

This initial step fuses an internal analysis with management team interviews, personnel audits and even trial and error exercises.

Ultimately, we reach the point of a detailed Program of Work. This definitive working document is endorsed at all levels of the organization. The result: a thoroughly-worked, well thought-out plan guiding the client to the next level.


Case Studies from R.W. Dean 

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