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Sales Management Training Group "A feeling of continuous growth is a wonderful source of motivation and confidence." - B. Tracy

Often businesses promote their top salesperson to sales manager, directing them to, “Get those other reps to do what you do!”

More often than not, they fail. Why? Because being a successful sales manager requires very different behaviors and skills than a star salesperson. Think about it - there are literally millions of books, articles, courses and videos on how to sell. In contrast, there are very few resources that focus on how to build, manage and lead a high performance sales team.

Through Rick’s extensive experience, he “learned by doing” over the course of a 25-year corporate career as an executive level Sales Manager. Whether your Sales Manager has been hired from the outside or promoted from within, Rick can help them achieve success more quickly, easily and affordably so they aren’t “going it alone.”

Success Story

Avalon Document Services specializes in rapid document processing, serving the legal, engineering and corporate markets. The company had achieved double digit growth by opening branch offices across New York State and Ohio.

Owner and President J.P. Midgely decided to promote his top sales rep to sales manager. J.P. hired Rick to train and coach her during her first four months on the job.

Through a series of weekly and bi-weekly meetings, Rick shared his knowledge, experience and best practices through a customized training curriculum geared towards Avalon’s unique business needs. Following the formal training, Rick continued to serve as a mentor and coach, checking in frequently by phone and email.

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