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Growth Initiative

“Your business can grow or shrink…there is no other alternative.” – Rick Dean

This program is designed for established businesses and companies that are unsatisfied with their top-line growth or struggling to reach their maximum growth potential.

Utilizing his own 8-step process, Rick carefully analyzes the company’s current business practices, and identifies the “gaps”. He then recommends proven solutions acquired from his experience with successful, high growth companies.

Throughout implementation, Rick takes a team-based approach to generate ideas, strategies and priority projects aimed at creating both a short and long-term revenue growth plan. Rick personally leads the program and remains engaged with the team all the way through final execution.

Success Story

Sampla Testing logoSampla Belting, N.A. is the North American subsidiary of an Italian based manufacturer of conveyor belts. Before reaching out to Rick, their revenue had been essentially flat for the previous 5 years.

The company’s CEO, Cris Balint, hired Rick to help boost sales growth. Rick utilized his Growth Initiative program to get Sampla’s entire management team focused on top-line growth.

A growth team was formed consisting of six key managers. Through a series of exercises, five priority projects were agreed upon with specific steps, assignments and timelines for completion of each. Rick stayed engaged and participated throughout the execution phase.

In the first 12 months following completion of the program, Sampla’s revenue increased by 17% and has continued to grow at a healthy pace since.

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Rick’s Growth Initiative Process©

  • Discovery Meeting
  • Proposal
  • Best Practices Audit & Gap Analysis
  • Growth Team selection
  • Program Kickoff
  • Program Execution
  • Wrap-Up and Final Report
  • Ongoing Follow-Up