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Outsourced V.P. of Sales

Sales Management Training and Coaching - R.W. Dean“ Growth is different from something that happens to you; YOU produce it…” – B. Mau

Many small to mid-sized companies have a need for a CSO (Chief Sales Officer), but can’t afford to hire a qualified full-time professional. Rick has built high performance sales teams for over 30 years, on both a full and part time basis.

Through this program, Rick takes on all the responsibilities involved with running your sales team week to week, including: recruiting and hiring, training, forecasting, running sales meetings, creating compensation plans, setting performance metrics and holding the team accountable.

As your Outsourced V.P. of Sales, he can create a high impact sales culture to maximize sales revenue and better allow owners and C-level executives to focus on strategic priorities and core competencies.

The amount of involvement and cost for this program vary depending on the needs and budget of each client.

Success Story

Tapecon logoTapecon is a $20-million dollar family owned business with 100 employees. Following the departure of their longtime V.P. of Sales and Operations, the President, Steve Davis, hired Rick to assume all sales management duties.

During his 6-month tenure, Rick installed the structure, accountabilities and best practices of a world class sales organization. Upon completion of his assignment, Rick helped to transition his responsibilities to Steve’s brother Jeff, former Customer Service Manager.

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