Guidelines for Productive Meetings

Author: SuperUser Account/Thursday, July 5, 2018/Categories: Growth Minute

  • Circulate an agenda 24 hrs. before the meeting
  • Limit meetings to 1.5 hours MAX. unless there are special circumstances
  • Start/Stop ON TIME
  • ONE meeting leader/facilitator
  • ONE speaker at a time
  • Discussions should be open, honest, direct, and RESPECTFUL (ie.NO put-downs, negative remarks)
  • Send follow-up email within 48 hrs. of the meeting (highlights, action items, agreements, due dates, person(s) responsible)
  • If a topic comes up that requires further discussion, table it and schedule a single subject meeting for later that week
  • Set up a meeting calendar for the year…Schedule recurrent meetings for the same day and time for advanced planning
  • Designate alternates for regular attendees who cannot attend a meeting (this is a great opportunity for associates to gain visibility and experience)

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