When it comes to teamwork, one plus one equals three

Author: SuperUser Account/Thursday, July 5, 2018/Categories: Growth Minute

I have been a management consultant for over ten years. My specialty is top line Growth.

At some point, most of my engagements involve the use of cross-functional teams from within the company, firm or organization. I do this because,

  1. Nobody has a monopoly on good ideas, and you never know where they’ll come from!
  2. Divide and Conquer…The “home work” gets divided up and shared…No single person is over-burdened.
  3. There’s a much better chance of “buy-in”, since folks have participated in making decisions along the way
  4. Peer pressure and friendly competition drives the team…Failure to perform  lets the whole team down, not just “the Boss”
  5. Comeraderie…New and closer relationships are formed that last forever
  6. Pride in being selected for, and participating on, a winning team
  7. Recognition for both team and individual accomplishments
  8. A great way to identify and “try-out” potential leaders

Virtually all the high growth companies I’ve been associated with understand and take advantage of high performance teams…The whole really IS greater than the sum of its parts!


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