Failing to Plan is planning to fail…Winston Churchill

Author: SuperUser Account/Thursday, July 5, 2018/Categories: Growth Minute

A football coach wouldn’t dare walk onto the field at the Superbowl without a detailed gameplan.

A General would never commit his troops to combat without a well thought-out battle plan.

So why do so many small business owners operate day to day without  short and long term business plans? More often than not, when I request planning documents from business owners, they smile and point to their heads…”It’s all up here”, they answer.

Seriously??? A survey of 3,000 businesses by Palo Alto Research found that owners with complete, up to date business plans were twice as likely to grow their business, get investment capital, or secure a bank loan than those who didn’t!

A well documented Roadmap for your business is just as essential as a roadmap or GPS device for a long driving trip. Do yourself and your business a favor and MAKE A PLAN!


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